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About MDC

Margaret James
Executive Director

Margaret James; native of Greensburg, Louisiana

Education: Helena High School, Greensburg, La.
Bachelor of Arts Degree: (Elementary Ed., Voice) Bishop College, Dallas, Texas

Employment: Founder/Director, Metropolitan Dream Center, Inc.
Juvenile Probation Officer, Dallas County
Social Worker/casemanager
Professional Vocalist
Foster Parent

“For more than 30 years Ms James has been caring for and serving the Greater Dallas Community while sharing the “Good News” of God’s grace and love.”

Based On Faith

The Metropolitan Dream Center, Inc., normally referred to as the Dream Center or simply MDC, is a faith-based  organization, providing charitable services for people going through a crisis in their lives. It serves the less fortunate citizens of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex.
As a non-profit organization, MDC depends upon the loyal support and Christian concern of those who are willing to donate. These helpful donations are monetary, clothing, food, personal items and volunteer time. Because of you and your support, MDC remains one of the most powerful non-profit ministries used of God to help both underprivileged children and homeless adults in our communities.
MDC also hosts social events in order to come in contact with people and provide charitable services for those who are less fortunate. We continue to depend upon God through faith to touch the hearts of others to help us with the growing demands of this charitable service.

Mission Goals

This will be accomplished by providing help directly to individuals through, but not limited exclusively, to the following activities:
  • Giving support to overcome poverty by providing food, clothing, referrals to counseling (spiritual or otherwise) and shelter.
  • Alleviating addictions to present additional life controlling problems by providing referrals to various treatment protocols (spiritual or otherwise).

Non-Profit Organization

MDC is organized by Texas law as a not-for-profit, faith-based,  501(c)(3) organization. We do not serve others to make money or a profit. To carry out our ministry, we depend upon God to own us, Christ to oversee us, and the Spirit to guide us. MDC depends upon like-minded people who are willing to donate to it.
MDC has operated on a small, limited budget for many years. Yet, thanks to our Board Members, the hard work of countless volunteers, and the sacrificial giving of those who love the Lord and have compassion for the lost, we have been blessed to receive in order to give back and help others.


Our Board-of-Directors remind us—both in their talk and walk—that our Christian Duty is to feed those who are hungry, clothe those who are naked, care for those who are sick, etc. and that this duty is honorable; so much so that we lay up treasures in heaven when we do it.

Leaders & Volunteers

Margaret James

Margaret James

Executive Director

Phone:     (469) -206-0226
Email:   mj@mdcdallas.org

Board Members

Andrea Fry
Robert Booker
Glenda Clay
Ethel Gibson
Terry Heggins
Shammara Norris
Abel Pena
Evelyn Wilkins
Ron Woodcock

Daily Operational Volunteers:

Winetta Williams ( Operational MGR)
Pat Jackson ( Office MGR)
Evelyn Wilkins ( Personal Asst.)
Frankie Houston
Regina Epps
Betty Warren
Etta Thompson
Francis Brown
Terry Heggins
Fred Kelly
Ethel Gibson

Contact Us

4650 S. Hampton Rd. Suite 97 Dallas, TX 75232 MAIL: PO Box 398105 Dallas, TX 75339

(469) 206-0226


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